Apr 17, 2006


As you might have seen by now over at John Klima's EV Zine Blog, I'm going to have a story in the Klima-edited anthology Logorrhea, coming from Bantam in May or June of 2007. The list of contributors is pretty good company:

Daniel Abraham
Paolo Bacigalupi
Jay Caselberg
Clare Dudman
Hal Duncan
Theodora Goss
Liz Hand
Alex Irvine
Jay Lake
Kelly Link
Michael Moorcock
Tim Pratt
David Prill
Michelle Richmond
Lucius Shepard
Anna Tambour
Jeff VanderMeer
Leslie What
Liz Williams
Neil Williamson
Marly Youmans

Look for it next year in time for the Bee itself...

Apr 11, 2006

More on Riley

Over at the Green Man Review, The Life of Riley is characterized as " elliptical, graphic, edgy but not at all flashy, topical, sharp and very, very sophisticated." Read the rest...