Sep 26, 2007

More SPN

Just off the phone with Lauren Cohan, who is every bit as funny and charming in person as her character Bela is amoral and dangerous on camera. The article should show up in #2 of the Supernatural magazine.

Also, it appears that my previous entry about Other Earths was a bit of premature eblogulation. There are now other plans for that story, and it looks like the anthology is going to be very cool.

Sep 19, 2007

This Book Is Too Filthy for You. So I Will Keep It.

So saith a woman in Lewiston, Maine, who was so outraged by the pornographic filth of It's Perfectly Normal that she is keeping not one, but two copies she checked out of local libraries. Because, you know, when something is that evil, you need to keep it close. Just, you know, to keep an eye on it. In case it does something.

Sep 18, 2007

An Article at Article on PKD

By PKD blogger/scholar David Gill, including a brief interview with Jonathan Lethem. Good stuff.

edit: And this piece at the LA Times, about his daughters and their recent efforts to get some control over film adaptations of his stuff, is interesting too.

Sep 15, 2007

Strange Bedfellows

So you know how Amazon does these "buy this book with that book and get a discount on both!" promotions. Right now, my very own Batman: Inferno is paired with...Isabel Allende's Of Love and Shadows. Cuz nothing says Batman like a vaguely magic-realist novel about Latin American dictatorship.

Sep 14, 2007

Supernatural Interviews #2

For the next issue, looks like I'll be interviewing Lauren Cohan and Bob Singer.

New Story for Other Earths

Just finished a weird little story called "Act of Oblivion," for a forthcoming alternate history anthology edited by Nick Gevers and Jay Lake. It's called Other Earths, and it'll appear on this Earth sometime next year. The historical turning point in "Act of Oblivion" is the execution of John Milton in 1660 for his support of Cromwell and justification of regicide (this nearly happened in real history, and apparently only the strenuous intervention of Andrew Marvell prevented it). The story also involves William Blake. A feast for literary nerds!

Also, I got the go-ahead to start scripting a new project for Marvel. Oh boy...!

Sep 4, 2007

Supernatural and Ultimates Books Are Out

It's tie-in heaven around here. Not only has The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Demons, Spirits, and Ghouls come out today, but The Ultimates: Against All Enemies appeared about a week ago. These are my ninth and tenth books, which seems bizarre to me considering how recently I was complaining about how hard it was to catch a break in publishing.

Neither book is likely to get a lot of review attention in the regular outlets, but here's one enthusiastic reaction to the Supernatural book from a Livejournal community devoted to the show. I don't yet know what anyone thinks of the Ultimates book, but it sure was fun to write it both of them.