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Since its launch in March 2012, I have been writing the script and collaborating on story development for Marvel: Avengers Alliance. It's pretty sweet. There's a wiki. Join! Contribute!) There's been too much written about the game to keep track of it all, but I have a particular soft spot for this Variety article because it was the first time I ever saw my name in those pages (or pixels). Some other early coverage of interest:
I write mission, card, and character texts for the super addictive online card game Marvel War of Heroes, and a bunch of stuff for the super fun match-three extravaganza known as Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Also, back in the early 2000s, I wrote parts of the pioneering ARGs The Beast and I Love Bees.


Razorgirl said...

G'day Mr Irvine

The Marvel: Avengers Alliance Wiki is humbled that you have noticed us.

This is just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate that you have noticed us and that you approve of the work our community has put into this project enough to plug us on your Blog.

On behalf of the many fans of M:AA that participate and contribute to the M:AA Wiki, unpaid and in our own time for no other reason than because we love your work...

Thank you!!!

Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Irvine, I'm a great fan of your work with Avengers Alliance. I'm a moderator of the Wikia, where we admire you and wish that you keep your great work.

Thank you for making such a good social game (the best I've seen) and for "assembling" so many heroes in a single game!!!