Sep 7, 2010

On Titles and Thinking Out Loud

I see that my maundering about a possible title for the Star Wars book has caused more of a ripple than I'd expected, or intended. Just so we're clear: That's not anything like a final title. That was me thinking out loud. No telling yet what the final title of the book will be.

Apologies if I've given a different impression...

Sep 3, 2010

New and Forthcoming, September 2010 Edition

In loose chronological order:

September 9: The Murder of King Tut #4
October 13: The Murder of King Tut #5
November 3: Iron Man: The Rapture #1
November 17: Iron Man: The Rapture #2
November: Murder of King Tut collected (I think)
December 7: The Seal of Karga Kul
December: Iron Man: The Rapture #3
January: Iron Man: The Rapture #4
January: Dark Sun: Ianto's Tomb #1 of 5

The Star Wars novel, tentatively titled Mandorla, is now scheduled for December 2011...and there's a lot more in the hopper, dates TBD.