Who is this Irvine guy, anyway?

The basics: Born in Ann Arbor, raised mostly in Ypsilanti, Michigan, with stops in Colorado and Texas and Tennessee. Graduate of the universities of Michigan, Maine, and Denver. Lives in a 160-year-old house in Maine where there is not a level floor to be found. Three kids. Two dogs, one bird, one snake. Devotee of soccer, baseball, and hockey. Also books, comics, games, and movies. Wikipedia says this, while the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction says this. Online interviews abound in which other details are disclosed.

Interesting vandalism of the Wikipedia entry is encouraged.

Will he sign stuff for me?

Sure, if you send it with enough postage to get back.

Will he send me free stuff?

Probably not. Unless there's a cool cause or charity involved, in which case sure.

Will he come to my event/library/classroom?

He would probably love to, schedule permitting. Drop a line to find out.

I want him to write a book/story/game/movie. Who do I talk to?

For book and movie/TV stuff I'm represented by Paradigm. Contact Jason Yarn to start those conversations.

For stories/comics/games/whatever else, it's probably best to start with an email to me.

What is the greatest thing on the Internet?


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