Mar 17, 2010

The Personalities of Children, Divined Through Their Letters to the Tooth Fairy

Emma, about a year ago:

Hi tooth fairy
This is my third tooth.
I love losing teeth.
Sinserly toothless Emma

Ian, 10 days ago:

Dear tooth fairy I just pulled my tooth out It hurt a lot but I did it It feels realy weird to not have a tooth there but this only the second tooth I've lost here. Sincerely, IAN

In other news:


Ladeeeeez and Gentlemen,

BSCreview's annual Tournament of Books is underway, with a mighty field of contestants. A key first-round matchup: In this corner, CS Friedman's Wings of Wrath. And in this corner, Buyout (out, out, out) by Alexander C. Irvine (ine, ine, ine)...


Mar 14, 2010

Rocket Go Boom

This is an old video (well, three years) and maybe you've seen it already, but wow.

Mar 3, 2010

Your Photo of the Day

A Chance to Do Some Good

My sister-in-law writes:

We need your help! We've applied for a grant to help connect 10 libraries in Kenya, and the top 10 finalists are chosen through an open vote! You can learn more about our work by visiting our website:

Vote for Maria's Libraries! Just register, click on the link below, register and go to "Digital Inclusion" and look up Ariel Schwartz's project among top ideas: "Reducing space through digital inclusion": Each vote counts for ten points, so we're not that far behind! Please vote for us!
Please take a moment and do this. Then tell everyone you know!