Mar 1, 2013

Avengers Alliance Is One Year Old!

Pretty excited to celebrate this birthday. I've actually been working on the game since November of 2010, but it's been live for a year. I'm writing this post at the same table in the same coffee shop (Coffee by Design on Congress Street in Portland, Maine) where I waited for the game to go live a year ago today. Plus ├ža change, right?

If you want to get me a present (you do, right?), you can read one of my books and tell all of your friends about it. May I suggest Buyout or The Narrows to start...? There's also the novelization of Pacific Rim coming out this summer. Thanks!

I'm Agent Irvine on Alliance if you need allies...I'll send you a piece of cake and maybe a shawarma.

Here's to another year, and more!