Nov 1, 2007

They Write Letters

Fan letters are great, but in some ways a really outraged letter is even better. A correspondent unimpressed by my treatment of the Dark Knight writes:

Here's an idea for your next Batman book - try writing about Batman. I'm on page 214 and stopped caring about Enfer ages ago. I thought the purpose of a Batman novelization is to give some deeper insights into said character. If your script [sic] was used for a comic book there'd be, at best, 2 pictures of Batman and we're already past the fold. Instead I get novel James Gordon spending countless hours trying to determine what comic book James Gordon would have known instantly, and I get some bullshit new villian [sic] that could have been an existing villian [sic] (Firefly) that would have made the book way more interesting.

Anyway, your book sucks but I'll finish it out of respect for the Batman. Something you obviously lied about in your dedication.

Note for those of you intending to write vitriolic responses to writers in the future: It is not enough to hate the book. Your letter will be incomplete without a completely unfounded personal attack on the author.
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