Apr 23, 2008

Baseball and Technical Difficulties

It may already be apparent to some of you that alexirvine.net is undergoing a time of travail. I'm not sure why, but with any luck it will all be sorted out soon. One of the downsides of the online merchant-customer dynamic is the difficulty of actually finding a human being who will admit to being authorized and equipped to deal with a problem. So there is a moment of Luddism here. If you've been looking for alexirvine.net and found it vanished, my apologies. Things will be restored to their normal hiatus soon.

If, on the other hand, you have arrived at this space looking for random bits of possibly literary news, oh boy. It seems that Nabokov the Younger has decided to contravene his father's wishes and publish the scanty relics of the Elder's final work, despite express wishes to the contrary. And it all came about as the result of a vision, which, well, of course. And in completely unrelated news, Massive Attack doing Blade Runner? Man, I wish I was going to be in England sometime soon.

The Tigers, since an 0-7 start, are 9-6. And Curtis Granderson is back. I try to envision a summerlong brutalizing of any and all opposition, but with their starting pitching in its current desperate situation, optimism is hard to come by. Can they win every game 10-7? Here's hoping.


Anonymous said...

I am suspicious of this manuscript. I have read Nabokov.
In other news. Has anyone seen the new Expelled movie? Ben Stein is taking some rather over the top and hateful criticism. I love it when the tables are turned. Ben Stein is the man!
You see though?
Someone comes out with a documentary falsely claiming that Jesus' tomb was found and of course people are going to react. But when they react they are accused of censorship and being closedminded.
But here comes ol' Stein with his documentary and wham the accusers show themselves to be hypocrites and react the same way.
Hey, no one likes it when their beleifs are belittled made fun of. Whether you have faith in Christ or Evolution.
The shoe is one the other foot. I love it. So hey everyone go see Expelled. Love it or hate it. But go see it. Find it in a theater near you.
Haha Hypocrites, you all just a bunch of finger pointing hypocrites in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

you nver even read nabokov who you folling?you shohow about you should not call people hypocryts anywayslike pull out the big beam in your eye before yo go around judging other peoplein other owlrds do't try to judge people unles you want them to judge you the same way so when you call people a hypocryte it really means that you area hypocryte just trying to make others a hypocryte to take the attention off of you
the only one pointing the finger is you but whenyou piint one finger thie is 4 more jut to pint right back in your face.
think about that next time vefore you like to call people something that your really are. Iknoe this is powertrip i see you on chat in car

Anonymous said...


This will shut you religious nuts up!

a super tramp said...

I visited that site. I expect that there will be more like it.
Listen: I challenge anyone who reads this -especially the person who wants to shut up religious nuts-to provide one instance of evolution being observed. That is the major reason that site stated that creationism or ID should not be taught in a class room. They said that God could not be empirically observed. I have news for you. Evolution has never been observed. So according to your own standards you just admitted that evolution is NOT science. Not only has evolution never been observed but there are no transitional species or fossils of them anywhere. If evolution was true then there should be countless. We would be tripping over them that is how many transitional fossils there would be. However we do not have a single one!
Put that in your "science" book and read it.

Paul Washer said...

cut and past each line separately putting the bottom line after the top.
Or go to Youtube and search for video : How Can A Man Be Right With God?

Paul Washer said...

same deal here has above or go to you tube and search for video: Paul Washer - Preaching The True Gospel To the Lost

Anonymous said...

I care about you all. I want you to know the good news of Jesus Christ. Jesus died and was resurrected so that your sins would be forgiven and so that you could have eternal life with him.
Amen. I am finished here.
I love you all.

this is the one said...

oh no paul don't stop there

this is the one they need to hear


Anonymous said...

sorry paul but I know that there are many college students who visit this blog


search video I Am Not Ashamed of the TRUE Gospel. (Paul Washer)

Alex Irvine said...

Quoth a super tramp: "Not only has evolution never been observed but there are no transitional species or fossils of them anywhere."

Isn't every species a transitional species? Of all the objections to evolution, I find this one the least persuasive. Not to mention willfully obtuse because it demands that evolutionary theory observe something that evolutionary theory specifically posits would not be possible to observe given the long time frame necessary for visible change.

And anyway, Archaeopteryx fulfills my need for a transitional species just fine. If that isn't enough for you, though, maybe
this will be:

a super mega tron tramp said...

I love it when evolutionaries have to "dig" up supposed missing links like tiktaalik. It only reinforces my statement that there is no evidence for evolution. Okay Alex. Let me ask you a question. I don't buy that this thing is a tranny. But here is my question. Shouldn't there be like at least thousands of these things and also other tyrannys around? I mean you have this one pathetic example. Also evolutionaries are known for being mother theresas and jumping the gun. tiktaalik is just another acanthostega.
Sorry but you are getting ahead of yourself there. I mean maybe your just kidding. The whole fantasy of a walking fish has been like the logo for darwinists everywhere. Visit any liberal university parking lot and you will see hundreds of shiny metal decals of the thing.
At least you admit that evolution can not be observed but you slip and slide when you make your own rules and say "evolution which has never been observed can never be observed. And we know this because we have tested it and were never able to observe it."
Come on that's rediculous.
But how about abiogenesis?
Evolutionists slip and slide out of that because they say "hey evolution does not deal with the beginning of life." Well maybe you should tell your high school textbook writers that.
tiktaalik is not a tranny.
Currently there are about 30,000 fish species documented and they are all vast and different with new species being discovered all of the time.
You want to know what I see when I look around the word. I see common traits as evidence of a common designer.
Evolution could have happened okay.
But to believe that it did takes faith. As much faith or even more than it does to believe in an intelligent creator. Evolution when taught should not be taught as fact. That is dishonest and well sort of evil to kill God in the minds of young people. If there is a God well you will have to answer for that. But if you say hey this is an explanation for how things COULD have happened out side of a creator and there are a lot of holes and unanswered questions and we can't then sure that would be okay.
I mean as an apologetic I admit that I don't have all the answers. There is still so much mystery to life.
I have much respect for you Alex. If you admitted that believing in evolution requires even the faith the size of a mustard seed I would respect you all the more.
Peace out.
Oh and here is a vid.


anonymon said...

As for Archaeopteryx it is more science fiction than fact which is why it satisfies one with your imagination.
The reality is that there are no fossils that could ever make a final case that evolution is a fact. It is all based on assumptions (assuming evolution is a fact) which are themselves based on conceptual schemes and people eager to win a science prize or something. The fossil record can give us no information about ancestry and common descent. We would need dna or something like that to link species.
Archaeopteryx is a true bird not a transitional species.
here is another vid sid.


anonymon said...



Anonymous said...

You see it is all about definition which is really arbitrary. Evolution has never been observed and is not a proven fact. However outside of a creator story it is the most accepted theory for how animals got here. Well except for the most important part- the beginning.
You see creationists see a certain fossil and they say "That is a fully formed animal etc."
Evos see a fossil and they say "That is a transition from one to another."
Of course both positions are based on assumptions that are untestable. The creationist says God did it and the Evo says well, skipping over the obvious abiogenesis part, that evolution and random chance is responsible.
The only differences I see is that creationists have an explanation for the beginning which evos neglect and say it is not there branch of science, and the creationists admit that they believe what they believe on faith.
As for honesty the creationists are honest in their faith based beliefs.
Evos are not because despite the lack of evidence that science (used to require)s evo still try and promote their belief system as fact and even going so far as indoctrinating young children with lies falsy claiming that the debate is over when it clearly has not even begun.
Now outside of evolutionists who profess that it is outside of their "feild of study" like evolution ever contributed to anything (it has not) how did life begin?
That's the next question.
How did life begin.
And here is the one after that.
If you go for the big bang (hillarious) what casued the big bang.
Of course creationists have an explanation for thins.
Everything was made by God
Who made God?
God is eternal outside of time.
God made time.
God has always existed.
Hey you guys are sci-fi people. Is that to outrageous for you to begin to try and comprehend? And you call us closed minded. Get real people.
People are finite and God is infinite.
oh yea and Blah!

anonymon said...

Hey Al,
This is a vid of my man Ravi discussing why he don't buy evolution.
The man has like seven doctorate degrees. Seven! Yeah I said seven.

He's speaks a Universities all the time. Maybe he would come to your's if you invited him. He has written books. Maybe he could come as a guest for that writers thing the English department there has going on.
Who am I kidding. You would never risk it.

Anonymous said...

this is the internet after all and some of you if not most may benefit from this message from my man ravi


Alex Irvine said...

I'm just going to say it again: if evolution is happening all the time, every fossil is a transitional fossil, so the whole "where are all the transitional fossils?" argument is bogus.

Particularly when you figure that if there are species that only exist for a (geologically speaking) moment because they are, say, between aquatic and terrestrial forms (both of which are more stable because, etc., etc.), obviously it's going to be much less likely to find individual fossils of those species. There's only been, what, one fossil found with soft tissue still attached? So that must mean that dinosaurs had no soft tissue! So the "transitional fossil" thing is a straw man, pure and simple.

Far as the question of faith goes, it takes a certain amount of faith to believe anything that isn't a direct stimulus to one of the senses. So sure, belief in any philosophy of the universe takes faith. But "faith" that, say, natural selection produces species change is not at all the same thing as "faith" that an anthropomorphized creative force known as YHWH cooked all of this up himself just so there would be people to tell him how glorious he was.

Jeuss Inc said...

And the word I would like to quote from you is "IF". Yes "IF" evolution is happneing then every form would be in transition. But that is a big if.
And yes I agree that beleiveig in YHWH is very different than suscribing to a a certain philosophy.
And talk about straw men?
Look at your last sentence.
You just boosted your rep points with me by 1000!
And you made me start a blog.