Apr 23, 2008

Baseball and Technical Difficulties

It may already be apparent to some of you that alexirvine.net is undergoing a time of travail. I'm not sure why, but with any luck it will all be sorted out soon. One of the downsides of the online merchant-customer dynamic is the difficulty of actually finding a human being who will admit to being authorized and equipped to deal with a problem. So there is a moment of Luddism here. If you've been looking for alexirvine.net and found it vanished, my apologies. Things will be restored to their normal hiatus soon.

If, on the other hand, you have arrived at this space looking for random bits of possibly literary news, oh boy. It seems that Nabokov the Younger has decided to contravene his father's wishes and publish the scanty relics of the Elder's final work, despite express wishes to the contrary. And it all came about as the result of a vision, which, well, of course. And in completely unrelated news, Massive Attack doing Blade Runner? Man, I wish I was going to be in England sometime soon.

The Tigers, since an 0-7 start, are 9-6. And Curtis Granderson is back. I try to envision a summerlong brutalizing of any and all opposition, but with their starting pitching in its current desperate situation, optimism is hard to come by. Can they win every game 10-7? Here's hoping.
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