Oct 24, 2008

After Much Consideration, I'm Voting for the Crypto-Jihadi Manchurian Surrender Monkey

Because I hate America, that's why.


The Silver Seagull said...

In other words you're not pro-American then, huh.

I'm voting for Joe Walsh.

The Silver Seagull said...

Oh hey and talk about near future. I guess in 2012 if Obama wins the boy scouts will be a thing of the past. Pretty bleak huh.
And I voting for Joe Walsh because he's cool. That's the only reason. I know, I know, I should learn about what his position is on issues that are important to me.
Well, I don't know, are the Eagles coming to Maine anytime soon? That's an important issue to me right there.
Anyway. Ever here that song peacful easy feelin? Its a good song man.

The Silver Seagull said...


maybe the link will work maybe not. its a good song. but its not like me sending it to you about you its just a song man. so don't jump to conclusions or anything. makes me think about my woman.makes me feel better when i miss her when i'm gone away flying around in this fuckin space ship o' mine. maybe i'll come pick you up sometime. you can ride shot gun.