May 22, 2009

What My Students Get Up to, Part the Next

In Spring 2008 my Advanced Fiction class did readings of some flash stories and put them online. Why it's taken me a year to link to this, I don't know, but here are those stories. I'm going to do this again this year, I think.

The roster:

Andrew Maxcy - Neck Romantic
Jesse Priest - Asymmetry
Isaac Forbes - Untitled
Kara Cox - To Leap
Mariah Cunningham - Go
Sarah Doucette - Untitled
Ryan Woodward - Untitled
Amanda Johnston - The Reluctance to Sleep
Rachel Holden - Saturday Night
Alyssa Franzosa - Saving the World From Johnnies
Patrick Stanton - Untitled
Paul Goodman - Untitled
Elizabeth Burleson - Walk the Line
Tim Lounder - We Are The Last To Die For Our Mistakes
Ben Goodridge - The Man
Brian Chick - Brain Dead
Eric Carlsen - Untitled
Rick Gower - Untitled
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