Jun 3, 2009

Han Solo P.I.

This from EW's PopWatch blog is transcendently awesome.

If your memories of Magnum P.I.'s opening credits are fuzzy, you can go to the PopWatch entry to see a side-by-side video of both the original and the outstanding Daily What mashup.


Don Burnett said...

That's soo cool.. LOL no Carrie Fischer though??

The Piper said...

Oh, ho ho ho! You silly ****** ******!
Truth be told. Truth be told. Looks like I was right all along. You were just singing that same old song.
Just like I said: "Everybody's got to pay the Piper." Haha! And so do you. Flim Flam mother fucker.
Bertelsmann says to pay the fuck up! ITS TIME TO PAY THE PIPER.
Flim Flam Floo I just got you...