Jun 20, 2009

The Smartest Thing Anyone Will Have Already Said Tomorrow

David Mitchell, in the Guardian:
But any self-sacrifice feels to us westerners like tyranny. We're not ready for it. Our evolution into apex individualists has superbly attuned us to injustices against us while atrophying our awareness of the vastly greater number that work in our favour.

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The Piper said...

Geez ALex, I don't know, I mean I can understand if a man who went to war against those damn nazis, by the way Bertelmann has an interesting relationship with that group, but I can understand if a man who went to war not knowing if he was ever going to come back as he witnessed some of his friends make that ultimate sacrifice, I can understand if he doesn't want a fucking wheely in his front yard.
Also, cause I saw it to the side of the article, I don't believe evolution explains human nature at all. But human nature certainly does explain evolution.
Are these the type of stupid suckers you roll with? Hey roll it up brotha! Na mean?