Jul 22, 2009

From Paris to San Diego...

I'll have to post some pictures from Paris one of these days. Because I am a formidable genius, I forgot my camera's USB cable so will have 17 days' and 9 time zones' worth of photos on it by the time I get home on the 31st.

My Comic-Con schedule:

Thursday 12:30 Crime, Usual and Unusual panel (Room 3) -- signing to follow (AA1)
Saturday 10:00 Signing at the Marvel booth, wherever that is

I'm assuming other stuff will come up as well. It usually does.

A couple of other things:

The Daredevil Noir: Liar's Poker TPB is now available for preorder at Amazon and elsewhere.

The NYT Magazine had a terrific article on Jack Vance last week.

Looking down on Greenland is one of the best things that can happen on an airplane.
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