Feb 2, 2010

100 Stories for Haiti

Buy this book when it comes out. Not because I have a story in it ("Snapdragons," reprinted from the Vestal Review), but because it's a good thing to do.


thechosenone said...

Don't be haitin' on Haiti. I already bought a cd of up and coming musical artists who were beat you all to the punch in using the tragedy of Haiti as a publicity stunt to gain more exposure, sorry. But maybe the next natural disaster you can hit me up. Holla!

thechosenone said...

Recently there have been imposed trends in literature, trends that are not a natural development but a forced manipulation by frauds who have made the creating of literature into an industry. They are motivated by a desire for material wealth and have abandoned any noble pursuit in literature even employing their influence to squelch anything that might be genuine or authentic which they see as a threat to their monopoly over this industry. These frauds seem unconcerned with problems of appreciation or the question, “What is literature?” Rather than allowing people to decide for themselves what literature is, they have hijacked authority and dictate to the masses what literature is. And guess what literature is according to these self appointed authorities, these frauds: literature is anything they manufacture, and literature is not anything they do not manufacture. And this becomes so by the use of their performative utterances through various media which they control. What they produce is literature because they say it is. These frauds are not writers of literature; they are makers of business deals. They are artistically bankrupt and unoriginal but they are commercially savvy, ruthless and cutthroat with a collective intelligence constantly obsessed with the bottom line. They understand their readers as the ignorant masses, as objects not subjects, consumers. They are opportunists who take advantage of even the most horrible of tragedies using them as a means to their financial ends. But they misunderstood their readers. They misunderstood their nature. They are becoming aware of the tastelessness of the mush that these frauds have been feeding them. They need something new, something that will tickle their taste buds, something that will wake them up and make them see colors they never saw before. These frauds are unable to produce anything that can do this for them. And so they are losing interest in this so called literature. But the desire for something creative, original and new remains and will cause them to search for it maybe even motivate them to create it. They will begin creating their own literature which is what these frauds have worked very hard to prevent. Yes, they will begin writing the stories they want to read.

Writing For My Life said...

What is wrong with you?
The stories in this book were donated, free of charge and with only good intentions, by 100 writers from around the world. Go to the website and you will see where the money is going, and why.
Buy the book if you want to buy it, don't buy it if you don't want to buy it, but stop trying to portray this as something it's not.

thechosenone said...

I read your story something about a Chance for Romance. It's good. But be careful, if I say something is good everyone else by default will say it is terrible, nothing against you, it's just that they see me as a threat to their status quo and actively work to discredit any opinions I express. To answer your question I have a method to my madness. I am very critical of celebrities. I once had an idea to form an organization. It would have been called Bum Rushers Incorporated. I wanted to raise a small army of men and women. We would show up at red carpet events, target certain celebrities, bum rush them and beat them down. However, after checking into the legal ramifications of such activities I decided against the venture. Of course being the leader of such an organization would raise me to celebrity status and that would be in conflict to the philosophy of the organization.