Feb 9, 2010

Beaker Sings Dust in the Wind

I come up for air long enough to present you with this...

Now back to book with Friday deadline.


mongibeddu said...

So great!

Makes me think you might like this foolishness--

Dust is depressing
in the wind
lifted my spirits

I usually avoid that book
of the Bible, it’s kind of depressing
how religion can freeze

parents hearts,
screening kids for depression
Try Kansas, real name Ol Dirty Bastard.

Story summary: when the dust clouds
blew over
and the shuttle lifted, Lexapro,

already approved to treat
major rap stars from DryNites.
Free pyjama pant sample collects grit in the crotch

in the wind
I close my eyes
only for a moment and the moment’s gone


Ben F.

thechosenone said...

Sept. 11th 2001 Terrorists attack America crashing planes into the Pentagon and the Sears Towers.

2002 Super Bowl
Patriots defeat the Rams.Symbolism is in the horns and popular imagery associated with Satan.

2002 World Series
Angels defeat the Giants Symbolism here is with the giants of the old testament found n Genesis and also Goliath.

2003 Super Bowl
Buccaneers defeat the Raiders Symbolism is with rugged hardworking Americans who conquered the west and Raiders speaks for itself.
Iraq war begins in March of 2003

2004 Election Year Super Bowl
Patriots defeat the Panthers symbolism is with panthers as dark vicious predators.
Red Sox break the curse. Or did they?

2005 Super Bowl George Bush is the unpopular president
Patriots defeat the Eagles.In order not to mistakenly associated either party negatively to cause more animosity between the them, tow positive symbols were chosen and the outcome would be positive whoever one. A way to try and preserve social order especially among the majority of voters who people who supported for Kerry.

Anonymous said...

任何事都是由一個決心,一顆種子開始。 ..................................................

thechosenone said...

Few people know this but Alex was the original Blue Power Ranger.

thechosenone said...

And I'm out. Don't cry.