Feb 26, 2010

Five People Who Made Me Want to Be a Writer

This question is not the same as my five favorite writers or the five writers I admire the most. Also, it's possible that if asked tomorrow, I might change two or three of the names. But here are today's five:

Harlan Ellison
Stephen King
Jack Kirby
Don Martin
Sam Shepard

Who are yours?


Anonymous said...

The writers who inspired and continue to inspire me on a regular basis to write also happen to be my favorites, and they are

Ray Bradbury
Isaac Asimov
William Gibson
China Mieville
Alex Irvine

Matt Forbeck said...

J.R.R. Tolkien
Arthur Conan Doyle
William Gibson
Ernest Hemingway
Stan Lee

Dan Fleming said...

Lawrence Block
Stephen King
Raymond Carver
Grant Morrison
Hunter S Thompson

I'd love to say Alan Moore, but every time I read something of his it actually discourages me.

Unknown said...

This is so much more fun than I thought it would be. (Thanks, thecitybelow!)

transmetvox said...

Robert B. Parker, Peter David, Octavia Butler,Joss Whedon, Chris Claremont and Warren Ellis (I know it's only supposed to be 5 but I had to include mr. Ellis).