Mar 13, 2012

Mystery Hill, Free on the Kindle Store

Go get it!


Mark Heath said...

Just read it, loved it. Sweet, bittersweet, and bitter, bordering on rank in the smell and character of Little Boozy. The ending felt right, with everyone getting what they deserved, or needed. I read this as a Prime Member loan, and I thank you. I read your Jade novel long ago, and I'm looking forward to rereading it on the Kindle, once I figure out how to convert the pdf.

And while I have your attention, I'd like to thank you for writing your Batman novel with a Joker who was actually funny. More often than not, the Joker is nothing to laugh about. Or with.

Also loved the Narrows.

Unknown said...

Mark, thanks for getting in touch. Little Boozy is a bit rank, it's true...I had a blast writing the Joker. Glad to hear you liked the Narrows too.

walter tevis said...

Looks like a variation of two SOS. I thought writing couldn't be taught. I suppose cooking can't be taught. You just mix stuff together until you get it right. Hahaha.