Sep 4, 2007

Supernatural and Ultimates Books Are Out

It's tie-in heaven around here. Not only has The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Demons, Spirits, and Ghouls come out today, but The Ultimates: Against All Enemies appeared about a week ago. These are my ninth and tenth books, which seems bizarre to me considering how recently I was complaining about how hard it was to catch a break in publishing.

Neither book is likely to get a lot of review attention in the regular outlets, but here's one enthusiastic reaction to the Supernatural book from a Livejournal community devoted to the show. I don't yet know what anyone thinks of the Ultimates book, but it sure was fun to write it both of them.


Overandunder said...

Am I just being paranoid? or is there a very covert anti-procreation movement being implicitly propagated in liberal studies type class rooms?

I am a college student, or I was, I'm recentlt graduated with a degree in a liberal study. I notice that many of my professors have no children. Also many or the majority of women I have dated explicitly make it clear to me that they do not want to have children EVER!.

I mean it's not like I'm proposing to these girls or anything, they just come out and say it. Of course I'm not ready for a family, I want one, sure, someday, but not now that's for sure. But I mean maybe I won't ever have kids who know what the future holds for me, but these women are dead set in their decisions not to have children.

Postmodernism is something that was fixed upon my mind as a student by nearly all professors. Postmodernism is such a vauge term also. However, from some research that I have done I did find that linked to postmodernism and feminism is an Anti-Procreation movement. There is even a philosophy based upon it. Well maybe more of a manifesto.

Your profile says that you are a assistant prof. at a University in a liberal study.

I always find authors lives more interesting tan their fiction. YOu don't need to answer and you probably won't and that's fine. But I know you will e thinking about this question the next time your at "work". How many of the faculty in your study have children?

What a weird world.

Here is a monster to add to your book.

A postmodern feminist who propogates anti-procreation ideas into the still developing minds of her unsuspecting female students to do her part to end the suffering she beleives existes in the world.

Mr. Irvine. We're all monsters.

inandout said...

Hi overandunder,

If that is your real name...

I too am a former college student. I have a Master's degree in evolutionology and am working on my doctorate. I have found the intermediate species that connects fish with cats. It was right under our noses all along and no one saw it... untill now. It's the cat fish. Also we are studying the horse fly to find out if the horse evolved into the fly or the other way around. Given the small energy efficient body and of course wings, we are makeing very educated guesses that the horse evolved into the fly. It is very exciting work.

I hope I can help shed some light on your anti-procreation problem.

You see over... andunder...

The way things evolve can be very chaotic. A whole species does not evolve all at once. If that were so then there would be no horses. They would all be flies. Within a species some specimens are more evovled or advanced than others.

The women you have dated and the college professors are specimens of a species that have acctually evolved to a higher form of life or intelligence than you have.

Humans are the highest form of intellegent life. We have taken evolution to the next level. We no longer evolve physically but instead mentally.

We understand that further propogation in this planet will only cause more suffering and we have a hieghtened or evolved set of emotions that also accompanies our evolved minds.

Extinction after all is the final stage of any species.

What is happening is not a covert conspiracie it is just nature taking it's course. It is a natural as grass being mowed.

You will most likely reproduce but some where down the line a future generation of your offspring will have evolved and naturally decide not to propogate.

Anonymous said...

Have no idea what

<- that is about.

I want to ask you a few questions about the Avengers novel.

1.) Is Captain America still alive? I see him on the cover. I thought he died. Are you writing about a different time period?

2.) Is the Wolverine apart of the team in your novel? That would be great.

3.) How developed are the heroes personalities?

I love reading super hero novels.

I am very interested to read what you do with the Avengers.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I said Avengers and not Ultimates. Hard to get used to changes.

One last question.

Is the Incredible Hulk in the novel?

Anonymous said...

I found you under-rated Ultimates book at Walmart for $5.97 today.

I bought it.

What you did with the aliens invading the culture ever so slightly and increasingly over time is really interesting.

You should create your own hero. You don't need to be a good drawer. You are imaginative enough.

You worked with comic book artists on SOS. Do it again. Make a hero of your own. Make a comic.

This book is under rated. Only because The Ultimates are not popular.

I'm going to get the word out to my friends about this book.

I'm looking forward to reading your Batman book when I find it.

Blue Tyson said...

I liked your Batman book, the Ultimates is on the wishlist for the next fishpond order.

You, 52, and the Solaris Book of New Science Fiction. :)

Alex Irvine said...

Anonymous--Captain America didn't die in Ultimates continuity. You won't see Wolverine or the Hulk, although Bruce Banner is a character. And the characters are as developed as I could make them, for whatever that's worth.

Other Anonymous and Blue Tyson: thanks for the kind words.

overandunder: I have no idea what you're talking about. My department is awash in children. If you're looking for a secret cabal of anti-procreation zealots, I'm afraid an English department is the wrong place. And isn't everyone a little tired of the stereotype of the conspiratorial feminist guru perverting the minds of unsuspecting maidens?

Anonymous said...

yeah i guess so

how bout a vacum cleaner sales man who has super powers of persuasion

Anonymous said...

and who am i kidden

have not been on a date in almost five freakin years

and its all because of those dang vacum cleaner sales persons