Apr 12, 2008

Puzzled and in Need of Clarity

If anyone can tell me what the connection is between the previous post and the weird string of Youtube videos that appeared in the comments, I'll send an inscribed copy of Unintended Consequences, as well as my eternal thanks. Cleverly invented scenarios are every bit as welcome as factual connections.

Can things get any weirder for the Tigers? At least they won last night, but Dontrelle Willis fell off the mound and hurt himself without recording an out, so the bullpen--which has, not to put too fine a point on it, stunk so far--came out and got 27 outs. They're 2-8, which is lousy but which also, somebody pointed out, was the same record the Phillies had last year before winning their division. To which I might be inclined to respond that the Tigers can't count on their rivals collapsing as spectacularly as the Mets did last year. In other Tigers-related news, Denny McLain has been arrested again.

We recorded our first visitor from Afghanistan yesterday.
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